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      Saturday, May 5, 2018 marked World Pulmonary Hypertension Day, an international day of action to raise awareness and public knowledge about the life-threatening disease. By sharing his story about living with PH, patient columnist Mike Naple aims to increase PH’s visibility and help others struggling because of PH.

      You can read more about his experience with nighttime oxygen therapy – and the surprising questions he got asked as a result – over at PulmonaryHypertension.com: “Raising Awareness: What Does a PHighter Look Like?

      Have you ever been asked questions because of your PH? How do you hanlde talking about your diagnosis with other people?


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      Brittany Foster

      Sometimes I get comments from people who make assumptions about the reasons why I have oxygen. Some will say “were you a smoker” Even though I have never touched a cigarette in my life. I have had comments asking if I use oxygen because of asthma. Although they are not correct in their assumptions, this is a way for me to raise awareness about other types of lung conditions. Not only do I bring up PH, but I bring up my other conditions like restrictive/ mixed obstructive lung disease and central hypo-ventilation syndrome. I tell them that my lungs are tighter making it harder to breathe and exchange gases. They don’t inhale and exhale like your average person. People seem to understand this more vs trying to explain to them what PH is (which for me is secondary to these main conditions). Usually people are interested in genuinely want to know what is going on.

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      Amy Peeples

      I agree with you completely . I also find it extremely insulting when doctors tell their ph patients that if they ever did methamphetamine that they caused this disease to happen. Millions of people did meth and didn’t get this . Why aren’t any of the people in the ph groups former meth cooks? You would think that they would be at the highest risk . No this is a chemtrail disease . None of us did this to our selves . People say that their PAH is caused by so many different things , there literally is no common denominator . Like I said , it’s a chemtrail disease . That’s why there are clusters of us in certain cities .

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        Brittany Foster

        Very interesting thoughts! I know there’s a lot of commonalities as far as people living in higher elevation areas especially places like Colorado. I wonder of there’s any articles out there about this. Thanks for the input!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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