Sneak Attacks: Chronic Illness Flares


In this video from the Youtuber Kelly Patricia, she shows us how it is to live with a chronic illness and how to deal with flare-ups.

“Flare-ups are NOT your fault. Do the best that you can and take it as it comes. You’re doing great for all that you are enduring.  For those of you watching this video who aren’t sick but have someone you love fighting chronic illnesses, flare-ups are when our symptoms heighten causing our body to be under extreme amounts of stress making it hard to cope with and even harder to control. ‘Sneak attacks’ (flare-ups) are VERY unpredictable so it’s important that there is no judgement on those who one day may seem “fine” and the next day be laying in bed, unable to move, forcing them to cancel plans. Being supportive is the BEST thing you can do for someone who is having a hard time.”

Learn more about pulmonary hypertension:

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